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Magnetic ideas connecting people.

Hunter Management explores what it means to be creative with a purpose, bridging divides between different disciplines.
What does this look like? Anything from curating and managing tailored events, marketing interesting African creatives,
re-imagining the unique style of misunderstood individuals, to mentoring a new generation of cowgirls.


Why can´t YOUR event be the one that leaves a magical memory in its wake?

Hunter Management - which was previously a creative artist managament agency - has always been about
innovation, grassroots creativity and professional delivery. These are all aspects which are carried into Hunter´s marketing
and event management sphere. My previous experience has seen me take on various roles when it comes to events:

Producer. Manager. Creative Director. Event Creator.

While I am currently the events curator for Out of This World, I look forward to bringing the Hunter touch of
meticulous attention to detail and a fearless approach to YOUR next event or marketing venture. Some of my previous
clients include the Universal Music Group, Velocity Films, Glamour Magazine, Ogilvy and AFDA, among others.

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Current Venture

Out of this World

As a venue curated by Hunter Management, Villa Out of This World is an adaptable event
space that can be used for private functions and exhibitions, with space for 60 to 80 people.

The original Traders Trove of Authentic Tribal Art in Cape Town, Out of This World is a place
where travellers can collect one-of-a-kind pieces and share their wild stories of the world. In the
process of emerging into a very exciting place to be, the venue is quietly becoming a secret home
to those who want to voyage the world but do not have to travel farther than a few minutes. With
a rich history spanning back to the 70s, there are many secrets waiting to be unearthed in this
little discreet hideout tucked into the city.

Get in touch to find out more about holding your event at Out of this World.

Previous unforgettable events

Velocity Films - Loeries Party 2010 & 2011

Katherine Mathias of Hunter Management had the pleasure of being the creative director and producer
of the Loeries party for Velocity Films in both 2010 and 2011.
Velocity Films is a South African-based commercial production company.


You are fierce, inside and out. Do you know it? Come out of hiding.
Get in touch with the real you - and bloom.

Your style is a reflection of what you feel inside. I guide individuals with tools that will help them bridge their inner and outer worlds - a liberating process as people discover hidden facets of themselves. Based on these discoveries, I help individuals re-create their style to reflect the change on the inside - from clothes and accessories to hair and make-up. More than an image consultant, my goal is to connect the emotional and the aesthetic; to help people that are misunderstood by society - "the outsiders" - to embrace their uniqueness and express it accordingly; for people to come away feeling energised as they grow and bloom from the inside out. Having felt displaced as an outsider for much of my life (as a South African growing up in Beverly Hills) and often having been misunderstood myself for experimenting with crazy styles, this topic is close to my heart.

I am a qualified and certified professional makeup artist who was taught by Joe Blasco - the top motion picture makeup school in Hollywood. With my mother being a personal hairstylist to Hollywood A-list actors, I was privileged to grow up surrounded by highly creative and successful makeup artists and stylists, who subsequently became my mentors. My eye for styling was honed working for a Los Angeles-based designer.

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Styling, Art Director & Producer: Katherine Mathias of Hunter Management; Photographers: George Rabe and Waldo Pretorius


Channel your inner cowgirl and experience horses in a whole new way.
Pure. Raw. Transforming.

Real cowgirls are at one with their horses - sensing, listening, communicating. And in this raw state of bonding,
they find that they themselves are actually mirrored in their equine counterparts. This is what Cowgirl School is all about.
Through individual classes I help cowgirls from age five upwards to communicate with their horses in the most natural way possible.
In this way, through a process of self-discovery, my cowgirls learn to better understand and express themselves.

I also offer group lessons in classical equitation at Alpha Equestrian in Franschoek, Cape Town.
Whether I am teaching riding in the most classical sense, taking a group on a trail ride or giving a class on
horsemanship, I always tap into the essence of riding: the natural horse-rider partnership.

Horses have been a part of my life since I was five years old. From being a mountain trail guide in America on both the
East and West Coasts, to partaking in moonlight kibbutz rides in Israel and game rides in Tanzania,
seeing the world from the back of a horse has been one of the greatest joys of my personal journey as a cowgirl.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

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Who is Hunter?

I am a citizen of the world but a daughter of Africa.

My creative pulse has always lead me to connect people and blend the eclectic in expressive ways - regardless of where in the world I am, or what discipline I am working in: from Los Angeles to Johannesburg to Cape Town; from fashion, to TV, to the modelling industry. It's all about tapping into the essence of creativity - and letting it take on a life of it's own.

I value and honour my roots - my beautiful South African heritage - which compels me to empower the soil and its inhabitants, to leave a legacy. In this sense, I am not satisfied with the mediocre. If I do something, it needs to be meaningful and carry a purpose; to inspire connection as I support others, and in turn to learn from others as they support me. I strive to be expressive in everything I set my hand to - this truly makes me come alive.

I am inspired by beauty, captivating design, my dog Arabella and my big black horse.

I am real, loving and adventurous in all I do. I encompass and engage in the highest principles in all that I do.

Katherine Mathias,
Hunter Management